We invest our past into our future


Entrepreneurs at heart

Our team consists of people with an entrepreneurial mindset. We are curious generalists with specific interests. Tech is our starting point and how we can use it to improve life in a sustainable way, is our focus. 

At Gramtec we work together with founders, teams and boards to develop their ideas and lift their companies to the next level. We invest in teams, business ideas and companies with sustainable competitive advantages.

We want to invest our past into our future.  

How do we invest in our future?

Business development

We have worked with start-ups and SMEs for 20 years and in some of these we have also taken an active role as investors.

Throughout the years, we have been part of numerous well-defined projects, as team members as well as project managers.

Gramtec has worked with companies developing their business models, production processes, patent strategies and fund raising, to name a few. 

Board and Advisory board

We are generalists with a wide range of expertise and have experiences with board work in both listed and unlisted companies, as well as recruitment of Board members.

We work with companies and organizations that need the extra push and unconventional thinking. We help set up forward-thinking Board or Advisory Board as well as join as Board members.


We are entrepreneurs as well as investors and are working with companies where we can contribute with our experiences.

We do not invest easily. When we do invest, we invest our time, knowledge, network and capital. We are in it for the long run.

Our areas of interest are deep tech focusing on nanotechnology, cleantech focusing on recycling, transportation and sustainability, healthtech focusing on mobility, rehabilitation, mental health and solutions to improve every day life.

Our past, our present and our future

Our past will not necessarily define us but it is a part of who we are; our successes and mistakes, our experiences and hours of learning, developing and reflecting.

" The past is never dead. It's not even past."

William Faulkner
Requiem for a Nun