Finn Gramnaes
Gramtec Business Partner / Gramtec Innovation

Autodidact in the field of mechanical engineering, machine operating, product and strategic development. Finns has extensive experience in organizational structures, biomechanics, product development, manufacturing, sales, licensing agreements, buyouts, stock market listings, deep tech and directorship.

Finn loves to recondition old, broken-down vehicles, drive fast cars and to push for an idea/company to excel.

Lisa Gramnäs
Gramtec Development 

Bachelor in mechanical engineering with a diploma in business administration. Lisa is experienced in patent processes, product development, legal documents and agreements, asset management, healthtech, start-ups, strategic- and business development, directorship and is part of several advisory boards. 

Lisa loves to create, sing and has a fascination for how we can use cool design and technology to enhance the user experience. 

David Pettersson
Gramtec Venture

Master's degree in software engineering. David is experienced in operational and strategic work, recycling, transportation, cleantech, business development, business administration, buyouts, stock market listings, deep tech and directorship.

David loves aikido, licorice and is triggered by taking digitalization to the recycling and transportation industry.

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